Vintage Style with the Packer’s NMD Runner PK

The adidas NMD has definitely become the sought after adidas shoe of 2016 with its past and present look.  With the release of the latest adidas consortium collaboration we see adidas take a trip to Packers in New Jersey to gain some vintage inspiration and produce the Packer x adidas Consortium NMD Runner Prime Knit.

Packer shoes has been running since the early 1900’s so if anybody knows about shoe development, past trends and where the future is heading then it’s Packer Shoes.  Packer has used inspiration from the 80s vintage sporting fashion to produce an NMD shoe that resembles the colours and style of that era.  There is a distinct feeling of history with the way these shoes have been designed.  We love the vibrant colours on this release and we expect this shoe to be extremely popular once it is released.

The prime knit is a light blue and indigo stitch with turquoise back support.  It comes with a standard boost sole and pegs.

Maybe it’s our love for vintage coming through here combined with our admiration for adidas’s continual need to innovate that makes Packer x Consortium NMD appear at the top of our list of must have NMD’s for Christmas 2016.

Release date is Saturday 12 November at Packer with the global release on Saturday 19th November.  They will be limited so make sure you don’t miss out.



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