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adidas SL72 History

The Vintage adidas SL72 trainer has developed into an iconic and popular trainer since it was first released.  The SL72 trainer was made out of breathable nylon and suede which made it super light.  In fact, the SL in the name stands for Super Light and the 72 represents the year they were released in time for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

sl72 starsky

The trainer was originally manufactured as an extremely comfortable and light weight option for jogging and running.  As with most popular vintage adidas releases, the trainers have since found their way into high street rural fashion on par with adidas Gazelles and Forrest Hills.


I recently ask the twitter following of @vintage_adidas why they felt the SL72 has become so popular and iconic since they were first released over 40 years ago.  @the_itch1980 was quick to point out the popularity in the trainer followed the cult TV series Starsky and Hutch.  During the programme Starsky would wear the vintage adidas SL72.

When the Starsky and Hutch Movie was released in 2004 the demand prompted adidas to re-release the SL72s.  Unknown too many adidas actually released 2 different versions. The SL72 Originals and the SL72SH.  The SL72 re-releases were more similar to the vintage classics and didn’t contain any suede on the inside of the trainer.  The SL72SH had a blue rubber tongue.  Although they were different it would be very hard for the untrained eye to spot the difference.

There is still some confusion as to which trainer Starsky actually wore.  Some people would argue that it was actually the SL76 that Starsky wore although the programme started in 1975 one year before the 76s were released.  @vintage_adidas follower @blangaz1 believes Starsky wore the SL76s as he noticed the stripes go from the eyelet trim to the sole which is not the case on the SL72s.  He backed up his argument by explaining that Starsky didn’t wear them in the first series.

Whether we are talking about the SL72’s or the SL76s one thing is for sure, they are both vintage adidas classics and will probably be for a number of years to come.




  1. actually starsky |(paul micheal glaser) did wear adidas sl72 throughout the entire first/second/and third season but not the pilot movie, the stripes ran from the eyelets to the sole on the 1970’s sl72’s but not the later versions and also the original sl72 in blue had white eyelet overlay but had a model change sometime later and the eyelets became matching blue ,…the sl76’s had nylon/plastic eyelets and can not be found on any photographs of starsky wearing these.

  2. The reason SL72 are so popular is because about 7 years ago when I bought mine, the originals Adidas were dirt cheap. I bought my SL 72s in a bargain bin for £25 and bought a pair of Samba Super from Sports Direct for £30. Now in 2021 these trainers are going for upwards of £70!

  3. I always thought they were the made in France Tornado Blue – I had a pair in the late 70’s on the strength of that belief – of course there was no internet then! It’s also a far sight easier getting the SL72’s now!


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