The Demand for Vintage adidas Shorts

Vintage adidas shorts have seen a spike in demand over the last few years thanks to a fashion trend within males to wear a shorter short similar to the style gracing our football pitches in the 80s.  Vintage adidas shorts can usually be found in good quality because of the way they have been stored over the years and due to the fact that unlike vintage shoes they don’t really get damaged while they are being worn.  Shorts are the type of item that can be left in drawers for years before being found years later during a mass clean out.  Vintage adidas shorts are therefore easy to find and with the large supply you would expect the price of the shorts to be kept low but this isn’t always the case.  Especially with the more limited styles.

joey essex vintage adidas shorts

When Joey Essex sported a pair of vintage adidas shorts during an episode of TOWIE there was a massive increase in demand for similar vintage adidas shorts on sites like Ebay.  It just goes to show that fashions do seem to come back round.  International visitors to might not know what I’m talking about here and if that is you then I will say just one thing….don’t worry your not missing anything by not knowing who Joey Essex is or what TOWIE is!  When Joey was asked which country neighbours Wales on an episode of Celebrity Juice, Joey answered Russia!! Enough said, haha!

A word of warning…if you are after some Joey Essex style vintage adidas shorts then always remember just how short these shorts are.  Never and I repeat never should you wear them commando (without underwear).  I will let you work out why not.

Different Type of adidas Shorts

Full Trimred vintage adidas shorts with full white trim

The adidas shorts that have a full trim around the bottom seem to be the most sought after.  If you are looking for a pair like this then expect to pay a premium.

The Traditional

dark blue shiny vintage adidas shortsProbably the most common of all the shorts are the traditional pair that was used across all different sporting genres.

Various Colourways

orange and blue adidas shorts retro

A number of different colour mixes have been released over the years like this orange and blue pair

Vintage adidas Swim Shorts

vintage adidas trunks

Its not only retro shorts that are in demand but also adidas swin shorts with the famous tre-foil.

Running Shorts

blue white striped vintage adidas shorts
The retro adidas running short provides a different look to the more football based design. Looks different but they are equal in demand.