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The adidas Predator History

What do Jonny Wilkinson, David Beckham and Steven Gerrard have in common?  They have all wore adidas Predator football boots at some stage of their career.  What better celebrity endorsements could adidas recruit for a boot that is said to improve ball control and power?


It was Craig Johnson, an Ex-Liverpool striker who designed the very first Predator boot which was launched for the 1994 FIFA World Cup.  Around the early 90s there wasn’t too much boot development in terms of performance improvement.  Most new boots focused on style and how they look on the football pitch rather than how they could improve a player’s performance. adidas turned this on its head when they completely re-designed the football boot to include added grip on the top of the boot which made sense considering that’s the part of the boot that usually strikes the ball.   This unique design with the promise of increased performance soon catapulted the adidas predator to the must have boot of the time.  This success started a succession of various styles beginning with the The adidas Predator Rapier.

adidas Predator Touch and adidas Predator Precision

Never resting on their morals adidas wanted to once again lead football innovation when they released the adidas Predator Touch prior to Euro 96.  This time they decided to move away from the traditional detachable studs in favour of a return to the moulded studs.  Then the moulded studs were replaced on Predator Precision by detachable studs which could be chosen for various pitch conditions.

adidas Predator Mania

adidas predator mania

Following the Predator Precision adidas released the infamous adidas Predator Mania in 2002.  The original Predator Mania was discontinued for the Mania 2 but vintage adidas collectors and footballers still refer to the Mania as the best football boot.  This demand can push vintage adidas prices sky high as people try to get their hands on a piece of vintage adidas history.



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