Vintage adidas bags have been a style icon ever since they were produced by adidas in the 70s.  At the time the adidas bags were made from extremely durable leather.  You probably needed to be a gym goer just to carry it.  These vintage adidas bags were almost indestructible, even when the leather did start to thin on the corners there was a metal trim to back it up.  Vintage adidas bags from the 70s really were produced to the highest quality.

Vintage Adidas Bag

In the modern day, even replicas to the vintage adidas bags are made from thinner, light weight leather.  They are much easier to carry than the adidas bags of the 70s but they have lost their vintage style because of it.  Maybe this simple fact that the replica is not a replica is the reason why vintage adidas bags have such a high demand for vintage style setters.  Give me a choice between a vintage adidas holdall and a modern day adidas twist and I know what I would prefer.

So don’t delay, get yourself your own vintage adidas bag and start setting the right trend.


  1. I found a white adidas gym bag at a thrift store and iwondered how I could date it ? it says adidas on the front and back, has a zipper on the front towards the bottom, might be leather or vinyl i`m not sure, doesn`t have the 3 stripes or the leaves


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