Top 10 adidas Summer Essentials For Trendy Girls

adidas airliner floralina

Summer is approaching and adidas has ensured that you are oozing with style as the temperature starts to rise. Check out our top 10 summer adidas picks for all you women out there that love fashion.

1) adidas Airliner Floralina

Super useful for travelling! Pop in your favourite book and travel goodies. Nice size with a comfortable thick strap.

adidas airliner floralina

2) adidas Frutaflor Shorts

Whether you are heading to the beach or taking a picnic in the park.  These super trendy shorts will look great this summer.

3)adidas Gazelle Og Shoes

The Gazelle shoe is an old adidas favourite and now they come in an array of different patterns. Pair them with your favourite jeans, shorts, skirt or bikini.

4) adidas Over Ear Headphones

Not only are these headphones super stylish they also offer a high level of performance. They easily fold for when you are traveling and have superior noise insolation…so dance your holiday away and look great!

adidas Over Ear Headphones

5) adidas Neo Selena Gomez Hat

Keep the sun away in style! Very chic item from the adidas Neo range. We love it!

adidas Neo Selena Gomez Hat

6)adidas Stan Smith Up Shoes

Ready for a night out? Ditch your flats for the heels.  These shoes will give you a swanky casual look with a little height boost.

adidas Stan smith Up Shoes

7)adidas Santiago Watch

Time for more fun.  Summer is all about bright colours and joy.  This Santiago watch certainly offers a unique blend of colours with will grab the attention it deserves.

8) adidas Santiago Mini Airliner Shoulder Bag

You wanna look pretty for the night but wanna ditch the big shopper bag? Look no further as this cute and girly bag will keep your essentials safe.

adidas Mini Airliner Bag

9) adidas Jaquard Sweatshirt

I love this sweatshirt! Its so useful for any occasion and has a full zip on the back to give it that something a little extra.  In love!

adidas Jaquard Sweatshirt

10) adidas Melbourne Originals

Invest your money in these extremely durable high quality shades.  They feature a scratch proof surface which makes them an essential for any suitcase this summer.

adidas Melbourne Originals


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