The evolution of the Adidas football boot

Adidas have always focused on delivering high quality sporting goods that meet the need of the high performing athlete. The German company have always stayed ahead of the game by developing a stylish but minimal design aesthetic which they have stuck to since they began. Adidas have always been involved in the manufacturing of footwear for playing football.  They began with a normal running shoe during the mid 1920s and then moved onto the manufacture of football boots during the mid 1950s. The company has produced various designs that have changed considerably over the years.

Fritz Walter Football Boot

fritz walter

One of the first Adidas Football shoes to hit the market was the Fritz Walter 1954 football boot. This shoe was used during the FIFA World Cup in 1954 in Switzerland.

Copa Mundial

The Adidas Copa Mundial was developed in 1982 and is the most popular football boot ever made by Adidas.

The Predator


The design of the Copa Mundial is still relatively simple compared to the David Beckham football shoe that was released 20 years later. This shoe was designed for the English footballer and was the named ‘The Predator’.  The stand out difference of the predator was the grip on the outside of the boot which enabled footballers to “bend it like Beckham”

The predator is now one of the companies leading sports shoe, along with other models such as the Nitrocharge, f50 and Samba models.

The Nitrocharge


The Nitrocharge is designed for long and hard Football sessions by incorporating a selection of cutting edge textiles and advanced fabrics.

The F50


The F50 offers a simple but dynamic design that cuts back on extras and focuses on shape and texture. These shoes are also extremely lightweight thanks to design concepts such as HYBRIDTOUCH technology.

Adidas helped to redefine the Football shoe by introducing new technology that took the design beyond its initial use of protecting the foot during play. Adidas incorporated techniques which would create a light weight shoe that provided flexibility and gripped the pitch well. These three design elements have been used in every shoe since that initial design in the 1950s.


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