Noel Gallagher Signed adidas Trainers up for Auction

I am often asked which adidas shoes are worth the most money and my usual answer is the pair that is the rarest.  That’s why you will often see Limited Edition trainers with only a few hundred released being resold for 10x what they were originally purchased for. The release of the adidas Ardwick is a great example of this.

adidas noel gallagher side viewCollectors are therefore often on the lookout for signed merchandise so we thought it was our duty to let you know about this pair that is currently up for auction on ebay. (edit: this auction has now ended) These adidas originals have been signed by the one and only Mr Noel Gallagher.

adidas noel gallagher tongueThey were donated by Noel for a charity auction at Uppingham School, unfortunately the audience wasn’t right and so they remained unsold.   These trainers are the pair that Noel designed in collaboration with adidas and this actual pair was from his remaining collection.

adidas noel gallagher certificateWhen we heard that all proceeds were going to be split between helping children attend the school when they would not ordinarily be able to afford an independent school education and also towards the Teenage Cancer Trust we thought we would help out to spread the word.

Only 200 pairs were ever produced and they sold out instantly.  Include Noel Gallagher’s signature and certificate of authenticity and you have yourself an absolute collector’s piece.

Please share and spread the word of this fantastic auction.

adidas noel gallagher box



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