Vintage AdidasHistory of adidas

adidas have always adhered to its founding values of style with performance.  This combination has helped adidas to establish itself as a timeless fashion brand that is respected and loved all over the world.  What started off as an athletic shoe manufacturer has grown into a range of sport fashion.

The distinctive 3 stripes were originally added to the shoe in order to stabilize the middle of the foot.  Over time these three stripes have evolved into an essential branding feature that would rival any great brand.

Add the three stripes to the infamous trefoil Adidas logo and there you have a timeless traditional look that competes with any high street fashion.

Unlike many other fashion and design labels adidas have been able to appeal to a wide audience.  Their relationships with celebrities such as Run DMC and David Beckham have ensured that adidas remains a predominant force in fashion.

In 1949, brothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler split from there existing sport shoe factory and founded their own companies.  Rudolf founded Puma and Adi founded adidas.  Fair to say, they both didn’t do too bad but adidas has excelled in the style department.

Adoring fans of the adidas style will constantly search for Vintage adidas gold.  adidas products have always been made from high quality materials, which means that many of the vintage adidas items bought today can still be worn.  With the birth of Ebay it has never been easier to find vintage clothing and some of the most stylish items can sell for considerable amounts.


The Vintage adidas range

 Vintage adidas Trainers

rubin vintage trainersIn the 1950s adidas developed a shoe designed for frozen pitches called the Samba.  It soon became the choice of footwear for indoor football players worldwide.  The adidas Samba shoe is now a modern day street classic.

In 1954 the German football team won the World Cup wearing a lighter leather boot with screw- in studs.  This victory established adidas as the market leader in football footwear.

Over the next 60 years adidas have continued to produce classic after classic and have been at the forefront of style and performance.  adidas football boots and athletic shoes have been a key feature of every World Cup and Olympics since adidas was founded in the 1940s.


Vintage adidas Bags

adidas began making bags in the 70s.  The vintage adidas bags have a distinctive heavy duty look and feel.  I can always remember my dad heading to football in the 80s with his red adidas holdall which looked liked it was indestructible.

Over time the technology has advanced and most adidas bags are now made from lighter material which makes adidas vintage bags even more desirable.

Vintage adidas clothing

Vintage adidas Clothing is where our passion lies.  We just can’t get enough of that retro feel for vintage adidas clothes.  With many lines being produced as limited editions, there is a real excitement when we discover a classic piece of adidas history.

Vintage Adidas tracksuits, T-shirts, Hats….We love them all!

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