adidas announced in 2014 that they were partnering with music mega-star Pharrell Williams and will be releasing Originals x Pharrell Williams products during summer 2014.

Pharrell adidasThis long term partnership however has an exciting twist that is unlike other celebrity partnerships that adidas have become famous for over the years.  What makes Pharrell different is that he owns his own textile company called Bionic Yarn which is part of the Vortex Project.

The Vortex Project?  What’s that?

The Vortex Project is an initiative set up to raise awareness and help clean up the massive amounts of plastic that is in our oceans.  Most of this waste plastic collects in 5 main vortexes and it is estimated that the over 40 million tonnes has collected in the North Pacific Ocean alone; that’s just one of the 5 vortexes. The Vortex Project


So who are Bionic Yarn and what do they do?    

Bionic Yarn is a company that Pharrell has set up that turns the fibers from unwanted plastic into durable textiles.

The result of using plastic as the main component of the yarn means that materials are up to 400% stronger.  The yarn can then be customized to allow for a range of requirements from extra stretch to high performance.

    Bionic Yarn DPX Thread     Bionic Yarn HLX Thread

So what does this mean for adidas?

As part of the partnership adidas will be using Bionic Yarn in some of Pharrell’s designs.  This is a great opportunity for Bionic Yarn to gain the recognition it deserves and at the same time provide adidas with a range of unique clothes with added durability.

We can’t wait to see the designs Pharrell is going to coming up with and equally excited to see if Bionic Yarn can live up to its undoubted potential.

If his clothes designs are anywhere as successful as his music career then adidas fanatics are surely in for a treat.



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