Fake adidas?

Fake adidas clothing can be found all over the Internet but in no way does that make it right.  I was recently searching the web trying to discover a vintage adidas gem when I came across what looked like a fake adidas jacket.  This made me so angry that people can blatantly try to pass off fake goods as genuine so I decided to write this post.

fake adidas

One thing I know from having an interest in genuine vintage adidas is that adidas does not skimp on quality.  That’s why items can be worn for years after they were made.  It is this quality that differentiates genuine adidas from the counterfeit.

Take the jacket in question as an example.  Now I have no way of knowing for certain if this jacket is a fake without buying it and taking a closer look but there is no way I’m going to give the seller that satisfaction.  So my disclaimer is that I don’t know for definite but I will point out the reason I believe this jacket is a fake.

First of all let’s take a look at the label.  The stitching connecting the label looks like it has been attached by a child during their first sewing lesson.  The quality is definitely not what we expect from authentic adidas clothing.

fake adidas labelThen there is the actual label design itself.  I have been buying and selling vintage adidas clothing for many years and I certainly don’t recognise this style of label on any adidas products from any decade.  It looks amateur and unless I am mistaken there shouldn’t be an ® above both the text and the trefoil.  It will usually only be found above the adidas text.

Finally I just want to mention the jacket.  Although it’s difficult to tell without touching, the material doesn’t seem like a traditional adidas material.  Also the way that the jacket hangs looks extremely mis-shaped.  What about the colour?  Have adidas produced jackets of this colour?  I think not!

I would like to know your thoughts.  Am I onto something here? Does the seller even realise?


  1. Hello sir i recently bought one jacket of adidas but i have second thoughts regarding it i think it is fake as the inner tag has the 3 stripes logo and the outside has the new logo please help

  2. I hate buying counterfeit, even at the thrift store! I recently bought a nearly new adidas zip fleece hoodie…2nd hand, of course lol. I went online to see how much it’s worth on ebay, but cannot find the style anywhere! Everything looks legit, tag & quality are fine, but i cannot find any evidence that they ever made a men’s line with raw edges on the pockets and the word adidas in separate raw edge applique letters across the chest. Tag says AUZ002 among many other things; i did wonder if it was an Australian line, but odd I caot find it. Is a deep forest green. Most counterfeit products are made by enslaved people, so even thrifted, it hurts me to wear their labors. Counterfeiting is not a victimless or corporate crime!!!

  3. Hi, I totally agree with you! Absolutely outrageous that it’s up for sale! It clearly is a fake and I put my last dollar on that bet. Now with the person selling some shameful price knows or not… that’s the question. If they didn’t, please inform them. If someone unknowingly sells a fake I can’t hold it against them. With that said I think you shouldn’t be selling if you can’t decipher between good products and not so good; real and fake. There is a sort of guilt and shame I feel when I even think about selling something that’s questionable.

  4. I bought this adidas jacket from academy and I kinda feel like it’s fake bc it doesn’t look like other jackets like it but I thought I might be real cs I bought it from academy so idk but pleaasee help !

  5. Hi, i just win an auction on ebay & received a trefoil stanford adidas vtg t shirt. Everything about this tee is perfect except the tag looks like being sewn by an amatur. According to the seller it is authentic. I try to verify it from adidas online but they neglected because its not bought from them. Untill now i’m still in doubt about its authenticity status. Can someone help me where else i should refer to clarify this matter?

  6. Recently on a search and rescue mission I found adidas socks. They’ve been at high altitude for some time and are in a bad way. It’s important that I learn as much as possible about them.
    Please email if you think u can help [email protected]

  7. Hi, I run a thrift store and raise money for the environment – I have had a number of vintage adidas items come in and before I try sell them for good money I would really like some help on authentication – and advice on who or where ?


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