Buyers Guide to Vintage adidas shorts

Retro adidas shorts were a must have in 2013 and as summer approaches we believe that there might be another vintage adidas short epidemic on its way.  If you are in the market for a pair this year then we have compiled some data from ebay that might help you to summarize your choices and learn how much you should pay.

The most popular types of vintage adidas shorts are the nylon glanz that were released in the 80s.   A medium or large pair that is in good condition will usually fetch between £25 – £35.  As we approach the summer months you may find the prices become more as the demand increase.  We therefore recommend that you buy early.  Make sure you check the logo on the pair of shorts you are looking to buy.  The majority of people will be looking to buy shorts with the tre-foil logo.  It may look like your getting a bargain if you find a pair with the newer style logo but really your buying shorts that are in lesser demand.

As with most vintage items, if you find a rare pair like the adidas sprinter shorts that are listed below, expect to pay a premium.  This pair sold for a staggering £51 on ebay.  It seems the shorter the short the higher the demand.

Here are some vintage adidas shorts that have sold recently so you can get a feel of the price you will need to pay:

Mens Silky Satin White adidas nylon short glanz – SOLD FOR £31

vintage adidas shorts shiny satin

P&P: £2.65

Condition: Used

Listing: Auction

Bids: 14

Size: Large



Silky Shiny Satin Unlined Vintage adidas Nylon Sports Glanz – SOLD FOR £36

Red Satin Vintage adidas shorts

P&P: £2.50

Condition: Used

Listing: Auction

Bids: 19

Size: Medium (34″)



Mens Vintage Adidas 80’S Shorts Red W32 – SOLD FOR £18.99

Mens Vintage Adidas 80'S Shorts Red

P&P: £2.50

Condition: Used

Listing: Auction

Bids: 15

Size: 32″



adidas Retro Vintage Nylon Gym Glanz – SOLD FOR £19.90

adidas retro gym glanz sprinter shorts

Condition: New with Tags

Material: Nylon

Fit: Stretch

Size: Small