Best Books about Sneakers and Sneaker Culture

Books about sneakers and sneaker culture are plentiful. Many showcase a range of images of shoe releases over the last 40 years. Many of the books have become fashion accessories themselves. We have put together a list of our favourite titles that would complement any trainer collection.

Trainers by Neil Heard

Trainers by Neil Heard

This book by trainer collector Neil Heard has recently been updated and includes over 300 images of sneakers from the past and present. Neil also talks about sneaker culture and how it has developed into what it is today.

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Sneakers: The Complete Collectors Guide

Sneakers The Complete Collectors Guide

This is a very special book which many claim is responsible for catapulting sneaker collection into the mainstream and creating a multi-million dollar industry. It features over 500 images of the most collectible releases from 11 leading brands including adidas.

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Sneakers: The Complete Limited Edition

Sneakers The Complete Limited Edition

This is a follow up release to The Complete Collectors Guide (above). After that book was released some brands started to collaborate with designers and artists to produce limited edition sneakers that are high in demand. This book takes a closer look at those limited edition sneakers and will really get any sneaker freaks pulse beating.

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Art & Sole

Art & Sole

Sometimes mainstream trainers just don’t cut it and we need a bit of contemporary uniqueness in our lives. Art & Sole focuses on sneaker design and showcases some of the most creative styles and collaborations.  You won’t find these designs in your standard sneaker store.

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Sneaker Freaker: The Book 2002-2005

sneaker freaker

Sneaker Freaker magazine has been reporting on sneaker culture for many years. Some of the back issues of the sneaker freaker magazine are more sought than some of the trainers. The book looks over some of the key magazine features as well offering many new interviews and photographs.

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Casuals: Football, Fighting and Fashion – Phil Thornton


Casuals is a great book for anyone wanting to brush up their knowledge of casual culture that developed during the late 70s and continued well into the 80s. The book looks particularly at the fashions and music that were an essential part of the culture. If you were a part of the casuals movement then this is a great read and bring back some distinct memories.

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Running with the Firm

Running With the Firm

Running with the Firm is the true story of events that inspired the film ID where an undercover cop ends up being part of hooligan culture. The film was a cult classic and even if you haven’t seen the film you should definitely read the book.

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The Liverpool Boys are in Town: The Birth of Terrace Culture

The Liverpool Boys are in Town The Birth of Terrace Culture

This book looks at youth culture around the late 70s and 80s and how it developed into the casuals. There are many actual casuals that tell their stories of this movement and how they used to pick up designer fashion on football trips around Europe.

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