The Story of The adidas Jeans MKI & MKII

The adidas Jeans MKI was the first trainer from the Jeans trainer collection.  In fact, up until recently, there hadn’t been too many releases of the adidas Jeans.

The idea behind the adidas Jeans shoe was to design a shoe that would fit well with people wanting to wear their shoes with a pair of Jeans – hence their name.

adidas Jeans MKI Vintage

The first adidas MKI was released in 1975 and came in all blue.  This colour was chosen as it was decided that blue would be the most appropriate to go with a pair of jeans.  The MKI is not as well known as the MKII which was released later.  In fact, many people don’t even realise there was an MKI.  The vintage adidas MKI from 1979 was very sleek and resembles shoes from the SL range like the SL72 and SL74.

adidas jeans MKI 1975

adidas Jeans MKII Vintage

In 1979 adidas released the Jeans MKII which as I mentioned earlier many people think were the first Jean release.  The main difference between the MKI and the MKII is that the MKII has a slightly different colour which is more turquoise.  The MKII also incorporated bumpers on the heel and the toe.  Over the next 5 or 6 years, the Jeans MKII had a number of peaks and troughs of popularity.  Towards the latter part of the 80s, the style of the Jeans shoe was much more sought after but nobody was selling them anymore and adidas wasn’t making them anymore.  If you wanted to get away from the bulky shoes that were being produced around that time in favour of the sleek Jean then you had to try and hunt a pair down.

adidas jeans MKII OG 1979

adidas Jeans MKI Reproduction

In the late 90s and into the 00s adidas decided to release a reproduction of the Jeans as part of a number of reproductions that we still see today.  The interesting decision about this rerelease was that adidas decided to release the less known MKI rather than the more popular MKII.  This led to quite a lot of confusion as the design wasn’t as expected.  This new MKI didn’t come with the front and back bumpers.  Needless to say, the newly released MKI sold exceptionally well.  Whether you wear the MKI or the MKII it goes without saying that the adidas Jeans shoe looks fucking great with a pair of Jeans and tops off any casuals outfit.

adidas jeans MK1

adidas Jeans MKII Reproduction

Despite the reproduction of the Jeans MKI there has still been a large cry for adidas to produce a reproduction of the MKII.  After all, this is what many people only remember of the original Jeans.  If you want that Jeans nostalgia then it has to be the MKII.

So finally news broke out in 2015 that adidas would be reproducing the adidas Jeans MKII.

The first colourways that were released were the traditional greeny-blue / turquoise that many of us still remember and a red/navy.  When these two colourways were released in December 2015 they flew off the shelves with many websites going down under the sheer demand.

But adidas wasn’t finished there… At the start of 2016 adidas created a Size? exclusive and released a Dark Bown and Sand version.  It seemed that whatever colourway the Jeans MKII was released it was always going to be extremely popular.

The final 2 colourways of the adidas Jeans MKII were released at the end of January 2016.  Both have leather uppers in either black or white and come with the traditional rubber sole.

adidas Jeans MKII 2015Jeans MKII Red

jeans MKII brown 2016

jeans MKII blackjeans MKII white

My Personal Preference

I have to say from a personal point of view that I love the traditional turquoise colours but my favourite colourway has to be this black leather version.  Absolute class and so grateful that adidas decided to reproduce the MKII and then go one step beyond and give us these extra opportunities to own premium variations of this absolute classic.

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  1. There are and have been quite a few other Jean releases in other cways pink mk1s also a few mk2s without the horrible heel piece. The mk3s are a far
    Nicer profile with a definite nod to the originals for me the 2016 releases were a massive disappointment
    sadly with places like size? making adidas available to the masses with every little wannabe on the high street wearing adidas with no real clue to their history
    adidas have sadly sold their sole forgive the pun but their quality control must be on acid with cheap suede misshapen and blobs of glue commonplace on many trainers then there’s the 473 c/ways of the once sought after Hamburg…..I could go on but I’m sure you catch my drift and no doubt share my pain

  2. Hi,
    I want to buy a pair or Adidas Jeans MK2 Black leather and Onyx stripes size 8
    Do you know where i can buy a pair.


  3. I had the original blue trainers and I also remember the white and green leather and the brown suede with brown stripes. These were all for sale at the same time. All looked great John was right the brown was for the cords which were a big fashion faze with jumbo cords being sought out by us early 80s casuals.

  4. Does anyone know did Adidas release a Jeans version in Red with black stripes ? , I have the red and navy ones but have seen this other colourway pop up on Ebay. Cheers in advance

  5. In the late 90’s I had a pair of MKI’s in navy blue with yellow stripes. I had them for years and loved them. Really wish I could find another pair now!

  6. I had a pair in the 80s red and blue the sole disappeared was something to do with Dunlop rubber I was told. Coolest trainer I owned.

  7. I have the original blue ones and red. Since then have added Turquoise, Brown Leather , Black Leather, New red With brown gum, Rare White, Red Cordura and Blue Cordura.


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