adidas adiStar Racer

The adidas adiStar Racer was manufactured around 1983 and was designed to enhance longer distance running performance by offering an extremely lightweight shoe that didn’t compromise on durability or flexibility.  For half marathon and 10K runners the Racer was an ideal running trainer.

The nylon upper and polyurethan midsole is responsible for giving the adiStar Racer its lightweight feel.  The upper of the shoe also has elements of suede to help with durability and to give the authentic adidas look.  The polyurethan midsole is also extremely flexible shock absorber which leads to a much more comfortable run.

In 2013 the adiStar Racer was resurrected by adidas and over the next few years a range of colourways have been released of the reissue.  This article is not long enough to list all the different colourways as there have been quite a few which probably confirms the shoes popularity.  Although its fair to say these vintage styled Racers are probably not a common choice for long distance runners anymore  they are still a welcomed addition to the adidas Originals range.

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