8 Must Have adidas World Cup Items

Italy adidas jacket

The World Cup 2014 is nearly here and in anticipation of the big Kick Off we have put together our favourite World Cup inspired merchandise from adidas.

1)  adidas Retro Jersey England

Weather in the UK is getting warmer so why not head to the pub with this cool retro adidas jersey and show your support for the 3 Lions?

adidas England Retro Shirt

2)  adidas Retro Jersey Germany

This shirt is so iconic and cool!  If you are lucky enough to be watching from the beaches of Rio then pair it with your favourite shorts.

adidas germany shirt

3)  adidas Italy Track Jacket

For some reason anything that combines Italy and The World Cup seems to look bang on trend! Maybe its the Italian colours or their passion for fashion. You may also notice the classic tango print throughout the jacket.

Italy adidas jacket

4)  adidas Mexico Anthem Track Top

Viva Mexico! Mexico hosted one of the most memorable World Cups in 1986 that included one of the most controversial goals and an amazing solo goal both by one man and against the same team in the same match. This Mexico adidas jacket is a true style magnet.

Mexico World Cup adidas jacket

4)  adidas Graphic Crew Sweatshirt

If your team is out of the tournament but you still have the passion for The World Cup then you can still show your support with this cool fashion design.

adidas football sweatshirt

6)  adidas Toronto Sunglasses

Its summer after all! So why not fire up a bbq and invite some friends to watch the match of the day.

7)  adidas f10trx messi shoes

What would a World Cup items list be without a football shoe?  This football trainer benefits from an advanced technology called TRAXION™ TF which grips on hard turf pitches.

adidas f10trx messi shoes

8)  adilete slides

Show off the colours of your country by choosing your nations flag print. Perfect for chilling in the house or celebrating with your mates in your back garden.


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