11 Insane Prices Paid For Vintage adidas Shorts

Vintage adidas shorts have definitely seen a boost in popularity during recent summers.  A spike in demand will usually mean a price hike for the most sought after products.  Vintage adidas shorts are no exception,  people are running to auction sites like ebay to get themselves a quality pair to strut on the Spanish beaches this summer and as a result the prices are going up.
How much would you be willing to pay for a pair of used shorts that were worthless  3 years ago?

Blue and White Striped adidas sprinter shorts – Sold For £122

A unique pair of shorts that are in demand will always reach a high price.  There were 29 bids for this vintage pair which drove the selling price up to £122

blue white striped vintage adidas shorts

Black and Red Stripe Vintage adidas shorts – Sold For £129.99

This classic pair of black shorts with the red 3 stripes must have been top of somebodies shopping list this summer as they sold from Poland for £129.99

black red vintage adidas shorts

Shiny Green Nylon Vintage adidas shorts – Sold For £139

Many people credit this vintage short fashion boom to Joey Essex after he wore a pair just like these during an episode of TOWIE.  Somebody must have been after the same look and dished out £139 on this pair.

shiny green vintage adidas shorts

Baby Blue Vintage adidas sprinter shorts – Sold For £149.95

These shorts are very vintage adidas with their baby blue colour which adidas have used through various eras.  Obviously somebody else liked the look of these shorts and paid £149.95 for the pair.

baby blue vintage adidas shorts

Vintage adidas grey swimming trunks – Sold For £150

Its not only the classic retro adidas shorts that are in demand.  If you own a vintage pair of swimming trunks then you too might be able to cash in.  These budgie smugglers were bidded up to a staggering £150

vintage adidas trunks
Red vintage adidas sprinter shorts with full white trim – Sold For £156.91

The full white trim around the bottom of these adidas shorts helped to boost demand and give the lucky owner a nice selling fee of £156.91

red and pink retro shorts

Deep Blue adidas shorts with orange stripes – Sold For £159

The deep blue and orange stripes on these rare vintage shorts help this pair sell for a huge figure of £159.

orange and blue adidas shorts retro

Vintage adidas Sprinter Shorts in Shiny Nylon – Sold For£169

These shorts have a traditional 80s athletic feel to them and sold for a whopping £169.  One day sat in the drawer the next day being worn as a prize possession on the beaches of Marbella.

light blue sprinter shorts

Adidas black sprinter shorts with white stripes in shiny nylon – Sold for £169

In tied second place at a selling price of £169 are these black adidas sprinter shorts in the sought after shiny nylon with the traditional white adidas stripes.

black adidas sprinter shorts

West Germany Mens Blue Glanz Nylon Gym Shorts – Sold For £169.89

Not the traditional pair of retro shorts that you might find on ebay.  These high sided gym shorts in light blue sold in auction for £168.89.

But wait these Glanz Nylons were not the most expensive pair sold this summer……

dark blue shiny vintage adidas shorts

Red Vintage adidas Shorts with Full White Trim – Sold for £189

The most expensive pair of vintage adidas shorts sold this summer on ebay were these classics.  This simple red nylon pair with white stripes fetched a massive £189. It looks like some big earner was keen to bag himself this pair for his 2014 holiday.

red vintage adidas shorts with full white trim


  1. I just picked a pair of vintage adidas running shorts that were personalized “TEAMJDAVID” bottom right front corner and “HOOVER RACING” top left front corner… Google J DAVID DOMINELLI. they are in great condition elastic is good no stains.


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