Nothing compares to the sporting style and quality of vintage adidas trainers. Did you favour the adidas LA, the Stan Smith or another style? It’s time to dig out your vintage adidas shoes, recall your favourites, and see if you agree with my top ten vintage adidas styles of all time.

99. adidas Trimm Trab

The Trimm Tab is a 1970s classic shoe with a popular casual look. Its unique sole was groundbreaking for adidas – durable, flexible and shock absorbing. This comfortable vintage trainer was made in a variety of colourways, all with the trademark three stripes on the side. The lightweight sole became the model for several other adidas brand trainers. This enduring classic has been re-issued many times over the years.


  1. A.d.i.d.a.s. I have worn a pair of your shoes, a hat, shirt, pants, hoody…. something with your logo on it. Therefore when i was 14 years of age i tattooed the 3 stripes on my forearm which has become my trademark tattoo (one of many i have). Want to show u how deep my devotion runs for your company….

  2. Adidas needs to rerun production of the 1960’s Italia shoe…one of the alltime greatest and coolest training shoes ever. Why wouldn’t adidas bring back the green stripe W/crosshatch and flapped Italian? It would be a great selling success!

  3. I woke up, I slipped my brown suede superstars on this mourning. My wife says, you the only person in the world who buys the same shoes over again. I told her MY ADIDAS…..

  4. for me the 80’s all black trainers with massive tongue are and always will be the best, the re issue ones are ok but i’d love to find some now from the 80’s. i wore them to death back in the day

  5. Hi i am 53yrs old now but in my 18- 24 yrs i had a pair Brown TAN Adidas Shoes but they were Shoes were in same time as POD shoes then next were Adidas COMFORT STRAPS no Laces. Shoes are Shoes but now there seemed to be called Shoes but there all Trainers. Just hope a person reads this & had a pair 1 word ” SMART”

  6. What about Dublin, Berlin,Malmö, London,infact most the city series.. Kegler Super, I could go on and on..this top 10 sucks dead men’s d•••s.. I wouldn’t thank you for the majority of these..

  7. number 1 by far in my opinion, ADIDAS SUPER SAMBA, or THE 80`S ADIDAS ALL BLACK, ONLY WISH i COULD G ET A PAIR OF THESE IF ANYONE KNOWS A SHOP SELLING THEM, similar to the super sambas but all black in colour, best trainers I ve ever used, had and owned.

  8. 1980’s Adidas ALL BLACK (not re-issues) hands down winners. I must have had half a dozen pairs as a teenager. Cool, smart, classic silhouette the nuts. where’s this top ten come from, mainly garbage !

  9. No mention of the ZX250 from back in the day or the adidas ROM that was released 15 -20 years ago in kangaroo skin. I agree, it’s a not a great top 10.


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